Radar, AA, No4 Mk7 ready for action

Radar, AA, No4 Mk7 ready for action

Radar, AA, No4 Mk7 ready for transit

Radar, AA, No4 Mk7 ready for transit


Mobile equipment, providing early warning and target acquisition data to a FC radar. Facilities for operating with Equipment, Acquisition, Radar Target, AA, Remote, Mk1 are provided.




Mobile S-Band transmitter and receiver in a trailer, 10-ton, 8-wheeled, radar, AA, No4 Mk7.

Presentation Unit

Plan position indicator (PPI) of targets on 9" CRT to optional ranges of 40,000yds, 80,000yds and 120,000yds.
'A' type scan on a CRT for monitoring.
Adjacent display (AD) plan position indication of targets on a remote consol.

Antenna System

Continuously rotating at 15 rpm consisting of a Durestos cheese and reflector. The reflector is manually adjusted for minimum ground clutter. The operator can alter the tilt angle, for height finding, during operation by means of a hydraulic drive system.
Pressurized waveguide feed with common T.R system.
Orientation by means of a sighted tube mounted on the reflector.

Physical data
Weight15 tons 19 cwt
Heightoperational 15'
 travelling 12'9"
Lengthoperational 24'7"
 travelling 29'10"
Widthoperational 18'0"
 travelling 9'6"
Turning circle42'0"
Ground clearance9"
Wading depth5' still water
 5' + 1'6" wave
Bridge class16
Braking systemAir brakes with mechanical handbrake
Towing vehicle10-ton 6x6 FV1100 series
Electrical data
Operational wavelengthS-Band
I.F. freq13.5Mc/s
Receiver bandwidth1Mc/s at -3dB
Tx power output1MW
Tx pulse width1.25 us
Recurrence freq700 to 800 c/s
Detection accuracyrange +/- 500yds
 azimuth +/- 1.75deg
Detection range120,000yds
Target discrimination range500yds on 40,000yd sweep
Target discrimination azimuth5deg
Data Transmission Range & azimuthby synchro
Data Transmission Elevationby telephone

Power Supplies

415/240V ac 50c/s, three phase.
Consumption : 25 kVA
Normally supplied by a skid mounted Meadows diesel 27.5 kVA generator. Can be mounted in the towing vehicle or in a separate vehicle.

Meadows 27.5 kVA generator

Meadows 27.5 kVA generator


Radar : 2


Provision is made for the fitting of IFF when provided.

Special Features

The cabin is fitted with an air-conditioning plant consisting of heating and cooling systems, which enables the equipment to be operated under all climatic conditions.
A water cooling system is fitted to the magnetron.


No4 Mk7/1

As for radar No4 Mk7 but modified and fitted with IFF Mk10.

No4 Mk7/2

As for radar No4 Mk7/1 but modified for use with SAGW equipment

References and Sources

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No4 Mk7 radar presentaion unit

Presentation Unit

No4 Mk7 radar PPI & monitor crt

PPI & monitor crt

No4 Mk7 radar Antenna system

Antenna system

No4 Mk7 radar Cabin layout

Cabin layout