List of AA Radar Types
DesignationType DutyWavelength OrderedFrom to Remarks
No1 Mk1GL1Early warning & fire control5m410Aug 1939-Apr 1941Replaced by GL2
No1 Mk1*GL1Early warning & fire control5mIncluded elevation finding
No1 Mk2GL2Early warning & fire control5m1679June 1940-Aug 1943Continuous tracking, 204 supplied to USSR
No2 Mk1 to 2SLCSearchlight control1.5m100Sept 1940-Feb 194124 trial models by A.D.R.D.E. and 76 with minor improvements
No2 Mk3 to 7SLCSearchlight control1.5m8796April 1941-Dec 1943Includes 100 prototype models for improved pattern
No2 Mk8SLCSearchlight control10cm50Sept 1944-Feb 1945Emergency type for development of Mark9
No2 Mk9SLCSearchlight control10cm300June 1946-No deliveries by end of war, order later reduced from 100 to 300
No3 Mk1GL3(C)Fire control (APF)10cm667Nov 1942-Feb 1945Canadian.600 supplied for British, 67 for Canadian
No3 Mk2GL3(B)Fire control10cm876Dec 1942-Apr 1945British. 900 order increased to over 2000, later reduced. 50 supllied to USSR.
No3 Mk2/1GL3(B)Fire control10cmAutomatic following modification
No3 Mk2/2GL3(B)Fire control10cmDual role AA & CA
No3 Mk2/3GL3(B)Fire control10cmDifferent automatic following modification
No3 Mk2/4GL3(B)Meteorological10cmRange doubler modification
No3 Mk2/5GL3(B)Fire control10cmDual role with auto following
No3 Mk3Baby MaggieEmergency fire control1.5m176Sept 1943-Mar 194550 supplied to USSR
No3 Mk4AFIEmergency auto fire control10cm50Early 1946-For development of full pattern Mk7
No3 Mk5Fire control10cmUS built SCR584 auto tracking in British service
No3 Mk6Fire control10cmPost war Canadian tracking radar
No3 Mk7AFIAuto follow fire control10cm326Production version. No deliveries by end of war
No3 Mk8Fire controlUS SCR545 radar. No British issue
No4 Mk1ZPIEarly warning & putter on1.5msee GL3(C)Nov 1942-Feb 1945Used with No3Mk1
No4 Mk2Light warning & putter on176Mc/s9331943-1944Used with GL3. Total order 2000 for Mk2 &3. 50 supplied to USSR
No4 Mk3(V)212Mc/sTruck mounted
No4 Mk3(P)212Mc/sTransportable
No4 Mk4Early warning & putter on600Mc/sTruck mounted
No4 Mk5GorgonzolaEarly warning, tactical control, putter on10cm22May & June 1944Special provision by A.D.R.D.E. for 21 Army Group, Normandy
No4 Mk6MZPIEarly warning & tactical control10cm150End 1945-No deliveries by end of war. Canadian set became standard British post-war TC radar.
No4 Mk7Search & tactical control10cm1951 British design equivalent to No4 Mk6
No5 Mk1AA/GCIAAOR radar209Mc/s
No5 Mk2AAOR radar600Mc/s
No6 Mk1Range finding for LAA
No6 Mk2Range finding for LAA
No6 Mk3Range finding for LAA
No7 Mk1Fire control for LAA
No7 Mk2Fire control for LAA