Map of Chain Home Low/Coast Defence
radar stations

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(There may be no visible remains of the station).

Shetland Islands

Orkney Islands

M1 Fanhole
M2 Lydden Spout
M3 Walmer
M4 Hythe
M5 North Foreland
M6 Ramsgate
M7 Hastings
M8 St. Leonards
M9 Bexhill
M10  Beachy Head
M11 Seaford
M12 Newhaven
M13 Brighton
M14 Shoreham
M15 Littlehampton
M16 Needles
M23 Westburn
M24 The Law
M27 Gin Head
M28 Craster
M32 Spittal
M34 Amble
M38 Hartley Crag
M39 Marsden
M34 Saltburn
M45 Goldsborough
M47 Ravenscar
M52 Skipsea
M53 Grimston
M57 Donna Nook
M58 Mablethorpe
M59 Huttoft Bank
M60 Chapel St. Leonards
M62 Hunstanton
M65 trimmingham
M72 east Cliff
M73 westcliff
M76 cains Folly
M79 Floors Beacon
M85 Bolt Tail
M86 Boniface Down
M91 Durlston
M92 Polruan
M94 Jacka
M100 Trevawas head
M105 Lower Sharpnose Point
M108 Dunderhole Point
M113 St. Agnes Head
M115 Hor Point
M116 Minehead
M122 Old Castle Head
M127 Rhossili Bay
M128 Oxwich
M130 Swansea Bay
M133 Barrow Common
M134 Bard Hill
M135 Winterton
M136 Pakefield
M138 Martello Tower
M140 Dengie
M145 Crannoch Hill
M146 Warden Point