Map of Heavy Anti-Aircraft gun sites

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Shetland Islands

Orkney Islands

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HAA site
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Fort William 
     Kyle of Lochalsh
 Barrow in Furness
 Port Talbot

Kingston upon Hull       
 Bognor Regis
Aberdeen AB1 Aberdeen
Aberdeen AB2 Aberdeen
Aberdeen AB5
Aldershot BY12 Hog Hatch
Aldershot BY13 Ively Farm
Aldershot BY15 Whitelane Farm
Andover 1 Finkley
Andover 2 Barrow Hill
Ardeer IC1 Stevenston
Ardeer IC2 Irvine
Ashford AD1 Mersham
Ashford AD2 Kingsland
Banbury H1 Hanwell
Banbury H2 Astrop
Banbury H3 Bloxham
Banbury H4 Wroxton
Barrow H1 North Scale
Barrow H2 Biggar
Barrow H3 Ramsden
Barrow H4 Rakesmoor
Barrow H5 Southend Haws
Barrow H6
Barrow H7 Roose
Basingstoke BY10 Basing
Basingstoke BY11 Prewitt
Basingstoke BY18 Cliddesden
Basingstoke BY19 Elm Bottom
Bath 1 Lansdown
Bath 2 South Store
Bath 3 Claverton
Beaulieu 32 Fowey
Beaulieu 33 Bunkers Hill
Bedford H1
Bedford H2
Bedford H3
Bedford H4
Bircham Newton H1
Birmingham A Coven Heath
Birmingham H1 Coven Heath
Birmingham B H50 Bushberry Hill
Birmingham C H18 Merry Hill
Birmingham D H51 The Elms
Birmingham E Wednesfield
Birmingham H52 Wednesfield
Birmingham F H3 Stone Cross
Birmingham G H17 Turners Hill
Birmingham H H53 Mons Hill
Birmingham I H6 Park Hall
Birmingham K H4 Perry Park
Birmingham L H10 Erdington
Birmingham M H55 Sheldon
Birmingham N H56 Castle Bromwich
Birmingham O H9 Olton Hall
Birmingham P H7 Oaklands
Birmingham Q H57 Swainhurst Park
Birmingham R Edgbaston
Birmingham R H12 Kingswood Farm
Birmingham S H58 Welsh House Farm
Birmingham T H59 Langley Hall Farm
Birmingham U H60 The Uplands
Birmingham H2
Birmingham H5
Birmingham H11 Nuthurst
Birmingham H13 Rubery
Birmingham H16
Birmingham H49 Upper Penn
Birmingham H54 Warmley Ash
Birmingham H61 Castle Bromwich
Birmingham H62 Glebe Farm
Birmingham H63 Wylde Green
Birmingham H64 Short Heath
Birmingham H65 Shard End Farm
Blackpool H1 Waterloo
Blackpool H2 St Annes
Bletchley H1
Bletchley H2
Bletchley H3
Bletchley H4
Blyth A
Blyth B Gloucester Lodge
Blyth C
Bramley 1
Bramley 2
Bramley 3
Bramley 3
Bramley 4
Bramley 5
Bramley 7
Bramley 10
Brighton NH8 H27 Blackrock/Kemptown
Brighton NH9 Southern Cross
Brighton NH12 H23 Southwick /Kingston-by-Sea
Brighton NH13 H25 Hangleton/West Blatchington
Brighton NH14 H26 Hove
Bristol B1 3 Gordano-Happerton Farm
Bristol B2 1 Portishead/Portbury
Bristol B3 7 Rockingham Farm
Bristol B4 5 Cribbs
Bristol B5 11 Brickfields
Bristol B6 13 Purdown
Bristol B7 17 Whitchurch
Bristol B8 19 Reservoir
Bristol B9 Avonmouth
Bristol B10 Almondsbury
Bristol 9 Almondsbury
Bristol B11 Hanbrook
Bristol B12 15 Hanham / B14 Blackboy
Bristol B15
Bristol B17 14 Rodway
Bristol 2 Lodge Farm
Bristol 4 St Georges Wharf
Bristol 6 Westbury
Bristol 8 Pilning
Bristol 10 Earthcote
Bristol 12 Henfield
Bristol 16 Keynsham
Bristol 18 Chew
Bristol 20 Backwell
Brooklands BM1 Fairmile
Brooklands BM2 Wisley Common
Brooklands BM3 Dunford Farm
Brooklands BM4 Woburn Park
Brooklands BM5 Old Woking
Brooklands BM6 weston Green
Caerwent G1 Shirenewton
Caerwent G2 Mounmon
Caerwent G3 Portskewet
Caerwent G4 Caldicott
Caerwent G5 St Brides
Caerwent G6 Llanvaches
Cambridge H1
cambridge H2
Cambridge H2A
Cambridge H3
Cambridge H4
Canterbury CN1 Fordwych
Canterbury CN2 Chartham
Canterbury CN3 Blean
Canterbury CN5
Cardiff 4 J2 Mardy Farm
Cardiff B Prarie
Cardiff C Lavernock
Cardiff D J1 Llwyn-y-Grant
Cardiff J J5 Sully
Cardiff K J6 Bulwarks
Cardiff L J7 Waters Farm
Cardiff M J8 Ely Racecourse
Cardiff W J9 Llandaff
Cardiff J3 Llandough
Cardiff J4 Lavernock
Cardiff J13 Llanishen
Cardiff J16 Flatholm
Carlisle A
Carlisle B
Carlisle C
Carlisle D
Castletown C1 C2 Castletown
Chelmsford C8 Old Lodge Farm
Chelmsford C9 Great Baddow
Chelmsford C12 Recreation Ground
Chelmsford C13 Broomfield
Chelmsford C14 Rumbolds Farm
Chelmsford C15 Rollestone
Chichester CH7 Donnington
Chichester CH8 Oldwick Farm
Chichester CH9
Chichester CH10
Chilbolton Fullerton
Clacton C1 East Mersea
Clacton C2 St Osyth
Clacton C3 Jaywick
Clacton C4 Little Holland
Clyde GNG1 N1 Hall Hill
Clyde GNG2 N2 Rusby Hill
Clyde GNG3 N3 Black Hill
Clyde GNG4 N4 Garscadden
Clyde GNG5
Clyde GNG6
Clyde N5 Duntocher
Clyde N6 Kilmalid
Clyde N7 Greenland
Clyde N8 Blair Quhanan
Clyde N9 Mugdock
Clyde N11
Clyde N12 Ryding
Clyde GSG1 S1 Blantyreferme
Clyde GSG2 S2 Rogerton
Clyde GSG3 S3 Carmunnock
Clyde GSG4 S4 Darnley
Clyde GSG5 S5 Dykebarhill
Clyde GSG6 S6 Linwood
Clyde GSG7 S7 Drumcross
Clyde GSG8 S8 Houston
Clyde GSG9 S9 Bogside
Clyde GSG10 AS5 Larkfield
Clyde S10 Limekilnburn
Clyde S11
Clyde S12
Clyde S13 Moorpark
Clyde S14 Milnthird
Clyde AS1
Clyde AS2 Whinhill
Clyde AS3
Clyde AS4 Flaterton
Clyde AS6 Matternock
Clyde AS7 Wemyss Bay
Clyde AN1
Clyde AN2 Woodend
Clyde AN3 Killcreggan
Clyde AN4 Geilston/Cardcross
Clyde AN5 Rosneath
Clyde AN6 Mamore
Clyde AN7
Clyde AN8 Dunoon
Clyde AN9 Strone
Clyde AN10 Glenacre
Clyde BS2
Colchester C5 Crockleford Heath
Colchester C6 Fridaywood Farm
Corby H1 Weldon
Corby H2 Rockingham
Coventry A H21 Bedworth
Coventry B H71 Brookfield Farm
Coventry C H23 Binley
Coventry D H30 Ryton on Dunsmore
Coventry E Bubben Hall
Coventry F H67 Gibbett Hill
Coventry G H26 Tile Hill
Coventry H Keresley
Coventry K H68 Exhall
Coventry L H69 Walsgrave
Coventry H22
Coventry H24
Coventry H25 Bannerhill
Coventry H27 Fillongley
Coventry H28 Stoneleigh
Coventry H29
Coventry H66 Bubben Hall
Coventry H70 Eastern Green
Coventry H72 Keresley
Crewe A H1 Leighton Grange
Crewe B
Crewe C H3 Weston Lane Farm
Crewe D
Crewe H2 Hassall
Crewe H4 Walgherton
Dartmouth 2 Coleton
Dartmouth 3 Cotton
Dartmouth 5 Lupton
Dartmouth 6 Fire Beacon
Daventry B
Daventry C
Dishforth H1
Donington A H2
Donington C
Donington H1
Donington H3
Dover D1 Farthingloe
Dover D2 Swingate-Wanstone Farm
Dover D3 Frith Farm
Dover D4 St Radigund
Dover D5
Dover D6 Dover Harbour
Dover D7 Western Heights
Dover D8
Dover D10
Dover D12
Driffield H1
Driffield H2
Dundee D1
Dundee D2 D5
Dundee D2
Duxford H1
Duxford B H2
Exeter 1 Huxham
Exeter 2 Jack in the Green
Exeter 3 Holbrook
Exeter 4 Kenbury
Exeter 5 Halsford Wood
Exeter 5A Hoopern Farm
Exeter 6 Faringdon
Falmouth 1 Pennance
Falmouth 2 Mylor
Falmouth 3 St Just
Falmouth 4 St Anthony
Falmouth 5 Mawnan
Falmouth 6 Roskrow
Falmouth B Buller Down
Falmouth C Chace Water
Falmouth D Merry Maidens
Falmouth E Trevedra
Falmouth F Raginnis
Feltwell A H1
Feltwell H2
Folkestone FO1 FO4
Folkestone FO2 FO3
Folkestone FO2
Folkestone FO3 Capel Court
Folkestone FO5
Folkestone FO6
Ford CH4 Ford
Forth RNG1 RN1 Donibristle
Forth RNG2 RN2 Primrose Park
Forth RNG3 RN3 Mire End
Forth RNG4 RN4 Crossgates
Forth RNG5 Ban Hill
Forth RNG6 RN6 Aberdour
Forth RN7 Bruce Haven
Forth RNG8 Kinghorn
Forth RSG1 Dalmeny Park
Forth RSG2 RS2 Totley Wells
Forth RSG3 RS3 Philipstown
Forth RSG4 RS4 Dalmeny
Forth RSG5 Barbouge
Forth RSG6 RS6 Clifton Hill
Forth RSG7 Carriden
Forth EDG1 E1 Restalrig
Forth EDG2 E2 Liberton
Forth EDG3 E3 Sighthill
Forth EDG4 E4 West Pilton
Forth EDG5 E5 West Broomfield
Fort William FW1
Fort William FW2 Caol
Foulness N25 Barge Pier
Foulness N26 New Burwood
Foulness N27 Fishermans Head
Foulness N28 Ridgemarsh farm
Gloucester/Brockworth A1 Fiddington
Gloucester/Brockworth A2 Reddings
Gloucester/Brockworth A3 Prestbury
Gloucester/Brockworth A4 Foxcote
Gloucester/Brockworth A5 Elkstone
Gloucester/Brockworth A6 Longridge
Gloucester/Brockworth A7 Field Court
Gloucester/Brockworth A8 Denny Hill
Gloucester/Brockworth A9 Highnam
Gloucester/Brockworth A10 Limbury
Gloucester/Brockworth A11 Tirley
Gloucester/Brockworth A12 Haydons Elm
Gloucester/Brockworth A13 Dean Farm
Gloucester/Brockworth A14 Belmont
Gloucester/Brockworth A15 Parton
Gloucester/Brockworth B1 Barnwood
Gloucester/Brockworth B3 Buckholt
Gloucester/Brockworth B5 Overtown
Grantham A
Grantham H1
Grantham B H2
Grantham H3
Grantham H4
Guildford BY8 Warren Farm
Guildford BY16 Whitemoor Common
Guildford BY17 Peasmarsh
Guildford BY20 Golf Course
Harwich H1 Landguard
Harwich H2 Trimley-Searsons Farm
Harwich H3 Dovercourt
Harwich H4 Shotley Street
Harwich H4 Shotley
Harwich H5 Little Oakley
Harwich H6 Holbrook
Harwich H7 K22 Old Felixstowe
Harwich K10
Hatfield HM1 Lemsford
Hawarden VA H23
Hawarden VC H22
Hawkinge D11 Hope Farm
Hawkinge D12 Hawkinge
Hawkinge D16 Arpinge Farm
Hayle 1 Praze
Hayle 2 trevarrack
Heysham H1 St Patricks Chapel
Heysham H2 Sunderland point
Holton Heath/Poole 1 Upton
Holton Heath/Poole 2 Slepe
Holton Heath/Poole 3 Northport
Holton Heath/Poole 4 Arne
Holton Heath/Poole HH1
Holton Heath/Poole HH2
Holton Heath/Poole 4 HH4 Arne
Holton Heath/Poole
Holton Heath/Poole HH5 Parkstone Bay
Holton Heath/Poole HH6 Shell Bay
Honington A Honington
Honington B Honington
Humber A H29 Chanterlands Ave, Hull
Humber A1 H2 Wawne Rd, Sutton
Humber B H3 Craven Park, Hull
Humber C H4 Preston, Hull
Humber C1 / C1 Hedon, Hull / H5
Humber D Paull / H7
Humber E H25 Goxhill
Humber F H26
Humber F1
Humber F1 Barrow Haven
Humber G H28 Boothferry Rd, Hull
Humber H / H H8 Little Humber
Humber J H9 Stone Creek
Humber J1 H10 Sunk Island
Humber K H21 Long Strip
Humber L Immingham
Humber M
Humber P H12 Kilnsea
Humber Q Grimsby Sea Wall
Humber R H13 Spurn Point
Humber S H20 Stallingborough
Humber T H24 East Halton
Humber U H18 Fulne
Humber X H11 Welwick
Humber Y Cleethorpes
Humber H1
Humber H6
Humber H14
Humber H15
Humber H16
Humber H17
Humber H19
Humber H22
Humber H23
Humber H27
Humber H30
Humber H31
Humber H32
Humber H33
Humber H36
Humber H37
Humber H46
Humber H47
Invergordon ING1 Saltburn
Invergordon ING2 Rosskeen
Ipswich H12 Nacton Heath
Ipswich H14 Kesgrave
Ipswich H16 Pannington Hall
Ipswich H18 Grove Farm
Isle of Wight IW6 Nettlestone
Isle of Wight IW13 Whippingham
Isle of Wight IW14 Rew Street
Isle of Wight IW35 Lynn Farm
Isle of Wight IW36 Porchfield
Isle of Wight IW36 Thorley Street
Isle of Wight IW37 Hamstead
Isle of Wight IW39 Cliff End
Isle of Wight IW44
Kinloss K1 Kinloss
Kinloss K2
Kyle of Lochalsh (Port ZA) B1 Kyle of Lochalsh
Kyle of Lochalsh (Port ZA) B2 Balmacara
Leconfield H1
Leeds A
Leeds B H6
Leeds C
Leeds D
Leeds E
Leeds F
Leeds G H11
Leeds H
Leeds J H3
Leeds K H4
Leeds L
Leeds M
Leeds N
Leeds O H12
Leeds P
Leeds Q H13
Leeds R H14
Leeds S
Leeds T
Leeds U H16
Leeds V H17
Leeds W
Leeds H1
Leeds H2
Leeds H5
Leeds H7
Leeds H8
Leeds H9
Leeds H10
Leeds H15
Leeds H18
Leeds H19
Leeds H20
Leeds H21
Leeds H22
Leeds H23
Leeds H24
Leeds H25
Leeds H26
Leeds H27
Leeds H28
Leeds H29
Leeds H30
Leeds H31
Leeds H32
Leeds H33
Leeds H34
Leeds H35
Leeds H36
Leeds H37
Leicester H1 Thurnby
Leicester H3 Enderby
Leicester H5 Anstey
Leicester H6 Syston
Leighton Buzzard A
Leighton Buzzard B
Lincoln H1 Riseholm
Lincoln H2 Reepham
Lincoln H3 Sharps Farm
Linton on Ouse H100
Linton on Ouse H1
Linton on Ouse H2
Littlehampton L1 Preston
Littlehampton L1
Littlehampton L2 Toddington
Littlehampton L2
Littlehampton L3 Ford
Littlehampton L4 Atherington
Loch Ewe (Port A) E1 Rubh a Choin
Loch Ewe (Port A) E2 Altbea
Loch Ewe (Port A) E3 Tournaig
Loch Ewe (Port A) E4 Loch Tollie
Loch Ewe (Port A) E5 Inverasdale
Loch Ewe (Port A) E6 An Sguiteach
London (IAZ) ZE1 Chadwell Heath
London (IAZ) ZE2 Barking Park
London (IAZ) ZE3 Asylum
London (IAZ) ZE4 Buckhurst Hill
London (IAZ) ZE5 Clayhall
London (IAZ) ZE6 Breaches
London (IAZ) ZE7 Lippits Hill
London (IAZ) ZE8 Isle of Dogs
London (IAZ) ZE9 Wanstead
London (IAZ) ZE10 Highams
London (IAZ) ZE11 Cheshunt
London (IAZ) ZE12 Southwark Park
London (IAZ) ZE12 Southwark Park
London (IAZ) ZE13 Finsbury Park
London (IAZ) ZE14 Primrose Hill
London (IAZ) ZE15 Creek Mouth
London (IAZ) ZE16 Beckton
London (IAZ) ZE17 Beaulieu
London (IAZ) ZE18 Chingford
London (IAZ) ZE19 Walthamstow
London (IAZ) ZE20 Capel House
London (IAZ) ZE21 Hackney Marshes
London (IAZ) ZE22
London (IAZ) ZE22 Hampstead
London (IAZ) ZE23 Loughton Hall
London (IAZ) ZW1 Enfield
London (IAZ) ZW2 Edmonton
London (IAZ) ZW3 Burnt Farm
London (IAZ) ZW4 Chase Side
London (IAZ) ZW5 Hyde Park
London (IAZ) ZW6 Friern Barnet
London (IAZ) ZW7 Glass House
London (IAZ) ZW8 Hurlingham
London (IAZ) ZW9 Dollis Hill
London (IAZ) ZW10 Wormwood Scrubs
London (IAZ) ZW11 Gunnersbury Park
London (IAZ) ZW12 Brentham
London (IAZ) ZW13 Mill Hill
London (IAZ) ZW14 Brent
London (IAZ) ZS1 Slade's Green-Crayford Marshes
London (IAZ) ZS2 Dartford Heath
London (IAZ) ZS3 Plumstead Marshes
London (IAZ) ZS4 Bostall Heath
London (IAZ) ZS5 St Paul's Cray
London (IAZ) ZS6 Welling
London (IAZ) ZS7 Eltham
London (IAZ) ZS8 Woolwich Common
London (IAZ) ZS9 Sundridge Park
London (IAZ) ZS10 Hayes Common
London (IAZ) ZS11 Brockley
London (IAZ) ZS12 Beckenham
London (IAZ) ZS13 Shirley Park
London (IAZ) ZS14 Dulwich
London (IAZ) ZS15 Norbury
London (IAZ) ZS16 Clapham Common
London (IAZ) ZS17 Mitcham Common
London (IAZ) ZS18 Raynes Park
London (IAZ) ZS19 Wimbledon
London (IAZ) ZS20 Richmond Park
London (IAZ) ZS21 Crayford
London (IAZ) ZS22 Grove Park
London (IAZ) ZS23 Ravensbourne / ZS23A Summerhouse
London (IAZ) ZS24 Anerley
London (IAZ) ZS25 Peckham Rye
London (IAZ) ZS26 Thornet Wood
London (IAZ) ZS27 Weston Green
London (IAZ) ZS27 Coldharbour Farm
Lossiemouth LO1
Lossiemouth LO2
Lowestoft LH1 Ashby-Lound
Lowestoft LH2 oulton
Lowestoft LH3 Golf Course
Lowestoft LH4
Lowestoft LH5
Lymington L1
Lymington L2
Lymington L3
Maidstone M1
Maidstone M2 Leeds
Maidstone M3 Boughton Green
Manchester A H15 Heaton Park
Manchester B H20 Moston
Manchester C Manchester Cent
Manchester C H16
Manchester C H25 Guide Bridge
Manchester D H24 Little Moss
Manchester E H21 Levenshulme
Manchester F H14 Hough End Fields
Manchester G H10 Chorlton cum Hardy
Manchester H H6 Lostock
Manchester J H1 Barton
Manchester K H7 Ellesmere
Manchester L H13 Lower Broughton
Manchester M H8 Irlam
Manchester N H17 Middleton
Manchester O H22 Brookdale
Manchester O H22
Manchester P H23 Ashton under Lyne
Manchester R Fallowfield
Manchester R H18
Manchester R H3 Roe Green
Manchester RR H26
Manchester S H5 Ackers Farm
Manchester T Davyhulme
Manchester T H2 Davyhulme
Manchester U H4 Eccles
Manchester U H4
Manchester V H9 Besses O,th Barn
Manchester W H9
Manchester X H12 Ringway
Manchester Y H11 Baguley
Manchester Z H19
Manston F5 Manston
Manston F6 Cleve Court
Manston F7 Manston
Marham B
Martlesham H9 Martlesham
Martlesham H10 Brightwell
Mersey A H4 Litherland
Mersey B H5 Walton Hall Park
Mersey C Lower Breck Park
Mersey C H2 Fort Crosby
Mersey D Five Ways
Mersey D H9 Childwall
Mersey E H6 Tramway Road
Mersey F H7 Dreysbrook
Mersey FF H12 Prescot
Mersey G H36 New Ferry / Shore Fields
Mersey G H29 Hoylake
Mersey GG H28 Thurstaston
Mersey H H32 Oxton
Mersey I H1 Formby
Mersey J H31 Bidston
Mersey K H33 Red Noses
Mersey L H11 Speke
Mersey LL H25 Upton Heath
Mersey M H3 Seaforth
Mersey N H8 Kirkby
Mersey NN H10 Rainford
Mersey O H13 Hale Bank
Mersey P H15 Ditton
Mersey PP H14 Yew Tree Farm
Mersey Q H17 Barrows Green
Mersey R H20 Moore
Mersey S H19 Red Brow
Mersey T H18 Sutton
Mersey U H16 Overton
Mersey V H27 Alvanley
Mersey W H26 Ince
Mersey WW H24 Whitby
Mersey X H37 Eastham
Mersey XX H35 Raby
Mersey Y H34 Storeton
Mersey YY H21 Puddington
Mersey Z H30 Leasowe
Methil M1
Methil M3
Mildenhall A
Mildenhall B
Milford Haven P1 Dale
Milford Haven P2 St Ishmeal,s
Milford Haven P3 Steynton
Milford Haven P4 Rosemarket
Milford Haven P5 Bateman Hill
Milford Haven P6 Portclew
Milford Haven P7 Whetstone
Milford Haven P8 Bangeston
Milford Haven P9 West Pennar
Newhaven E1
Newhaven E2
Newhaven E3
Newhaven NH1 Earthwork
Newhaven NH2 H43 Hoddern Farm
Newhaven NH3 H42
Newhaven NH5 H48
Newhaven NH6 H47 Beacon Road
Newhaven NH7 H44 Friars Bay
Newhaven H45
Newport E H2 Christchurch
Newport F H3 Pye Corner
Newport G H5 New House
Newport H H7 Great Oak
Newport N H4 Nash
Newport O H6 Pennsylvania
Newport P H1 Lodge Farm
Northallerton A
Northallerton B
North Coates H1
North Foreland F1 Foreness
North Foreland F2
North Foreland F10 Sandwich
North Foreland F10 Sandwich
North Foreland FX
North Weald A3 North Weald
Norwich H1 Mousehold
Norwich H2
Norwich H3
Nottingham & Derby A DNH1 Markeaton
Nottingham & Derby B DNH2 Derby Race Course
Nottingham & Derby C DNH3 Spondon
Nottingham & Derby D DNH4 Elvaston
Nottingham & Derby E DNH5 Boulton
Nottingham & Derby F DNH6 Stenson
Nottingham & Derby H DNH7
Nottingham & Derby DNH8
Nottingham & Derby J DNH9 Chellaston
Nottingham & Derby K DNH10
Nottingham & Derby L DNH11
Nottingham & Derby S DNH14 Robins Wood
Nottingham & Derby T DNH15 Clifton
Nottingham & Derby U DNH16 Wilford Cemetery
Nottingham & Derby V DNH17 Adbolton
Nottingham & Derby W Colwick Wood
Nottingham & Derby X DNH19 Mapperley
Nottingham & Derby Y DNH20 Sunrise Hill
Nottingham & Derby Z DNH21 Bulwell Common
Nottingham & Derby DNH12
Nottingham & Derby DNH13 Long Baton
Nottingham & Derby DNH18 DNH23 Bunny Park
Nottingham & Derby DNH22 Duffield
Nottingham & Derby DNH25 Smalley
Nottingham & Derby DNH26
Nottingham & Derby DNH27
Nottingham & Derby DNH28
Nottingham & Derby DNH29 Ticknall
Oban O1 Lismore
Oban O2
Oban O2 O3 Benderloch
Oxford 1 Marston
Oxford 2 Southfield
Oxford 3 Cumnor Hill
Oxford 4 Partridge Pit
Oxford 5 Hinksey Hill
Pembrey O1 Pembrey
Pembrey O2 Gilian Gwyn
Penzance 1 Badgers Cross
Penzance 2 Bosol Jack
Perranporth 1 Wheal Kitty
Perranporth 2 Rose
Perth P1
Perth P3
Peterborough H3 Whittlesey
Peterborough H5 Longthorpe
Plymouth 1 Rame
Plymouth 2 Down Thomas
Plymouth 3 Torpoint
Plymouth 4 Seaton barracks
Plymouth Higher Tregantle
Plymouth 6 Billacombe
Plymouth 7 Carkeel
Plymouth 8 Staddon Heights
Plymouth 9 Maker Barracks
Plymouth 10 Home Park
Plymouth 11 Netton
Plymouth 12 Bere Alston
Plymouth 13 St Winnolls
Plymouth Penlee
Plymouth Picklecombe
Plymouth Rennie
Portland / Weymouth 1 2 Nothe
Portland / Weymouth 2 5 Wyke
Portland / Weymouth 3 4 Verne / East Weare
Portland / Weymouth 5 4 Southwell
Portland / Weymouth 1 Blackhead
Portland / Weymouth
Portland / Weymouth 6 Fleet
Portreath 1 Northcliffe
Portreath 2 Porthtowan
Portsmouth P1 Southsea Common
Portsmouth P2 Sinah
Portsmouth P3 Gilkicker
Portsmouth P4 Holbrook
Portsmouth P5 hayling
Portsmouth Binstead
Portsmouth P11 Moorlands
Portsmouth P12 Nelson
Portsmouth Rew Street
Portsmouth P19 greenwich
Portsmouth P20 Prospect Farm
Portsmouth P21 Southwick
Portsmouth P22
Portsmouth P24 Highgrove
Portsmouth P28 Binstead
Portsmouth P40
Portsmouth P41 Fareham
Portsmouth P42 Calshot / Hook Grange
Portsmouth P43 Eastoke Farm
Predannack 1 Aerodrome
Predannack 2 Meaver
Preston H1
Preston H1 Dunkirk Lane
Preston H2 Newton
Preston H3 Halloth Hill
Preston H4 Hoghton
Preston H5 Hesketh Bank
Preston H6 Oswaldtwistle
Ramsgate / Richborough F3 Dumpton
Ramsgate / Richborough F4 Pegswell
Ramsgate / Richborough F8 Updown House
Reading BY1 Amersham
Reading BY2 Tilehurst
Reading BY3 Tanners Farm
Reading BY4 Sonning
Reading BY5 Toutley
Reading BY6 Crockers Farm
Redhill HO1 Kenley / Warlingham
Redhill HO3 Biggin Hill / Cudham
Redhill HO6 Redhill
Rye R1
Rye R2
Rye R3
St Athan K1 Boverton
St Eval 1 Kerketh
St Eval 2 Denzel Downs
St Eval 3 Deer Park
St Eval 4 Trenance
St Eval 5 St Mawgan
Salcombe Holset
Salcombe Southdown
Salisbury 1 Hurdcott
Salisbury 2 Odstock
Salisbury 3 Nether Hampton
Sandy H1
Sandy H2
Sandy H3
Sandy H4
Scapa M1 M2
Scapa M3
Scapa M4
Scapa M5
Scapa M6
Scapa M7 M8 M9
Scapa M10
Scapa M11 Hatston & Grimsetter
Scapa M12 Skeabrae
Scapa M14
Scapa H1
Scapa H3 H4
Scapa H5
Scapa H6
Scapa H7
Scapa F1 F2
Scapa R1 R2
Scapa R3
Scapa B1
Scunthorpe E
Scunthorpe F H1
Scunthorpe H2
Scunthorpe H3
Scunthorpe H4
Scunthorpe H5
Scunthorpe H6
Scunthorpe H7
Scunthorpe H8
Scunthorpe H10
Scunthorpe H11
Scunthorpe H12
Sheffield A H2 Park Gate
Sheffield B H4
Sheffield C H5 Brinsworth
Sheffield D H6 Freeton
Sheffield E H7 The Manor
Sheffield F
Sheffield G H10
Sheffield I H11 Stanington
Sheffield J
Sheffield K H12 Shirecliff
Sheffield L H14 Ecclesfield
Sheffield X H3 Thrybergh
Sheffield Y Norton
Sheffield H9
Sheffield Z Stubbin
Sheffield H1
Sheffield H8
Sheffield H13
Sheffield H15
Sheffield H17
Sheffield H18
Sheffield H19
Sheffield H20
Sheffield H21
Sheffield H22
Sheffield H23
Sheffield H24
Sheffield H25
Sheffield H26
Sheffield H27
Sheffield H28
Sheffield H29
Sheffield H30
Sheffield H31
Sheffield H32
Sheffield H33
Sheffield H34
Sheffield H35
Shetlands L1 Lerwick
Shetlands L2
Shetlands L3
Shetlands S1 Sumburgh
Shetlands S2
Shetlands Z1
Shetlands Z2
Shoreham NH10 H21 Shoreham
Shoreham NH11 H22 Shoreham / Mill Hill
Slough SM1 Iver
Slough SM2 Lintells Bridge
Slough SM3 Datchet Common
Slough SM4 Windsor Park
Slough SM5 Wexham Street
Slough SM6 Lent Rise
Slough SM7 Dorney Common
Slough SM8 Uxbridge
Slough SM9 West Drayton
Slough SM10 Windsor Great Park
Slough SM11 Bedfont
Slough SM12 Northolt Airfield
Southampton S7 Beaulieu
Southampton S8 Marchwood
Southampton S9 Hounsdown
Southampton S10 Weston
Southampton S15 Haxland
Southampton S16 Yew Tree
Southampton S17 Stoneham
Southampton S18 Winslowe
Southampton S23 Nursling
Southampton S26 Bishopstoke
Southampton Bishopstoke
Southampton Brownwich
Southampton W5
Swansea R Port Tenant
Swansea S Mumbles
Swansea T N6 N26 Sketty
Swansea U Morriston
Swansea V Neath
Swansea N1 Morriston
Swansea N2 Neath
Swansea N3 Jersey Marine
Swansea N4 Raven Hill
Swansea Q N7 Briton Ferry
Swansea N8 Margam Park
Swansea N9 Bryn
Swansea N10 Morfa Mawr
Swansea N25
Swindon 1 Eastrop
Swindon 2 Shrivenham
Swindon 3 Farbridge
Swindon 4 Burderop
Swindon 5 Whitehill
Swindon 6 Restrop
Swindon 7 Calcutt
Swindon 8 Burytown
Tangmere CH1 Temple Bar
Taunton 1 Dodhill
Taunton 2 Wenlade
Tees A
Tees B
Tees C
Tees D
Tees E
Tees F
Tees G
Tees H
Tees J
Tees K
Tees M
Tees N
Tees O
Tees P
Tees Q
Tees R
Thames & Medway TN1 Thorpe Bay
Thames & Medway TN2 Butlers farm
Thames & Medway TN3 Hawkwell
Thames & Medway TN4 Rayleigh
Thames & Medway TN5 Belfair Farm
Thames & Medway TN6 North Benfleet
Thames & Medway TN7 Furtherwick
Thames & Medway TN8 Northwick
Thames & Medway TN9 Hadleigh
Thames & Medway TN10 Vange
Thames & Medway TN11 Abbotts Hall
Thames & Medway TN12 laindon
Thames & Medway TN13 Buckland-Bowaters Farm
Thames & Medway TN14 Orsett
Thames & Medway TN15 Chadwell
Thames & Medway TN16 Buckles Farm
Thames & Medway TN17 North Ockenden
Thames & Medway TN18 Aveley
Thames & Medway TN19 Ayletts
Thames & Medway TN20 Dagenham
Thames & Medway TN21 Crouchmans
Thames & Medway TN22 Jotmans Hall
Thames & Medway TN23 Belmont Castle
Thames & Medway TN24 Wennington
Thames & Medway TS1 Scrapsgate
Thames & Medway TS2 Iwade
Thames & Medway TS3 Wetham Green
Thames & Medway TS4 Rainham
Thames & Medway TS5 Twydall
Thames & Medway TS6 Gibralter Farm
Thames & Medway TS7 Fort Borstal
Thames & Medway TS8 Tower Hill
Thames & Medway TS9 Oak Street
Thames & Medway TS10 Fenn Street
Thames & Medway TS11 Grain
Thames & Medway TS12 All Hallows
Thames & Medway TS13 Cooling
Thames & Medway TS13
Thames & Medway TS14 Lower Hope
Thames & Medway TS15 Cobham
Thames & Medway TS16 Denton
Thames & Medway TS17 Northumberland Bottom
Thames & Medway TS18 Green Street Green
Thames & Medway TS19 Sutton at Home
Thames & Medway TS20 Littlebrook Farm
Thames & Medway TS20
Thames & Medway TS21 Bell Farm
Thames & Medway TS22 Whitehall Farm
Thames & Medway TS23 Decoy Farm
Thames & Medway TS24 Burham
Thames & Medway TS24 Burham
Thames & Medway TS25
Thames & Medway TS26
Thorney Island CH5 Thorney Island/Chidham
Topcliffe H1
Truro 1 Polwhele
Truro 2 Porthkea
Tunbridge Wells TW1 Windmill Farm
Tunbridge Wells TW2 Skeldhurst
Tyne A
Tyne B
Tyne C
Tyne D
Tyne E
Tyne F
Tyne G
Tyne H
Tyne J
Tyne K
Tyne L
Tyne M
Tyne N
Tyne O
Tyne P
Tyne Q
Tyne R
Tyne S Marsden-Lizzard Lane
Tyne T
Tyne T
Tyne U
Tyne V
Tyne W
Tyne X
Tyne Y
Tyne MP
Wattisham A
Wattisham B
Watton H1
Watton B H2
Weston-super-Mare 1 Uphill
Weston-super-Mare 2 Worle Hill
Weston-super-Mare 3 Woolvers
Weston-super-Mare 4 Hutton
Wick W1 Noss Farm
Wick W2 South Head
Southampton/Winchester W1 Pitt
Southampton/Winchester W2 Down Farm
Southampton/Winchester W3 Magdalen Hill
Wittering H1
Yarmouth YH1 West Caistor
Yarmouth YH2
Yarmouth YH3 Gorleston
Yarmouth YH4 Race Course
Yarmouth YH4
Yarmouth YH5
Yeovil 1 Barwick
Yeovil 2 Golf Course
York H1
York H2
York H3
York H4