List of Chain Home Low Radar Stations
Station NameTypeNGRSatellite image link
43 AnstrutherChain Home LowNO 599058 43 Anstruther
41A BamburghChain Home LowNU 173359 41A Bamburgh
26A BawdseyChain Home LowTM 336380 26A Bawdsey
07A Beachy HeadChain Home LowTV 586954 07A Beachy Head
13A Beer HeadChain Home LowSY 224880 13A Beer Head
82A Beinn HoughChain Home LowNL 950464 82A Beinn Hough
10A BembridgeChain Home LowSZ 625860 10A Bembridge
37A BemptonChain Home LowTA 192737 37A Bempton
51 CaitnipChain Home LowHY 448060 51 Caitnip
18A CarnantonChain Home LowSW 871646 18A Carnanton
80A CarsaigChain Home LowNM 542215 80A Carsaig
52A ClettChain Home LowHU 550614 52A Clett
42A CockburnspathChain Home LowNT 789741 42A Cockburnspath
47B CocklawChain Home LowNK 089442 47B Cocklaw
54A Compass HeadChain Home LowHU 408093 54A Compass Head
40A CresswellChain Home Low 40A Cresswell
48A CromartyChain Home LowNH 670806 48A Cromarty
72A CrustanChain Home LowHY 274290 72A Crustan
50A DeernessChain Home LowND 334446 50A Deerness
46A Doonies HillChain Home LowNJ 967040 46A Doonies Hill
04A DoverChain Home LowTR 338431 04A Dover
42 Drone HillChain Home LowNT 840677 42 Drone Hill
16A Dry TreeChain Home LowSW 726209 16A Dry Tree
49B Dunnet HeadChain Home LowND 205765 49B Dunnet Head
28A DunwichChain Home LowTM 474683 28A Dunwich
35A EasingtonChain Home LowTA 395202 35A Easington
85A EorodaleChain Home LowNB 531629 85A Eorodale
53A Fair Isle NorthChain Home Low 53A Fair Isle North
53B Fair Isle SouthChain Home Low 53B Fair Isle South
05A FairlightChain Home LowTQ 858118 05A Fairlight
37 Flamborough HeadChain Home LowTA 255706 37 Flamborough Head
03A Foreness Point 1Chain Home LowTR 383716 03A Foreness Point 1
Foreness Point 2Chain Home LowTR 383714 03B Foreness Point 2
64A FormbyChain Home LowSD 275098 64A Formby
65B Great OrmeChain Home LowSH 766834 65B Great Orme
90A Greian HeadChain Home LowNF 659046 90A Greian Head
54A GrutnessChain Home LowHU 408094 54A Grutness
31A HappisburghChain Home LowTG 366313 31A Happisburgh
19A Hartland PointChain Home LowSS 231275 19A Hartland Point
88A HawcoatChain Home LowSD 202724 88A Hawcoat
30A HoptonChain Home LowTM 537991 30A Hopton
35B HumberstonChain Home LowTA 330053 35B Humberston
33 IngoldmellsChain Home LowTF 571697 33 Ingoldmells
94A IslivigChain Home LowNB 002294 94A Islivig
92A KendromChain Home LowNG 452738 92A Kendrom
69A KeteChain Home LowSM 802042 69A Kete
58A KilchiaranChain Home LowNR 207611 58A Kilchiaran
14B KingswearChain Home LowSX 899512 14B Kingswear
39A Kinley HillChain Home LowNZ 431469 39A Kinley Hill
Lamberton MoorChain Home LowNT 959598 Lamberton Moor
17A Marks's CastleChain Home LowSW 345250 17A Mark's Castle
48B NavidaleChain Home LowND 035156 48B Navidale
NefynChain Home LowSH 271376 Nefyn
Noss HillChain Home LowHU 363156 Noss Hill
16A Pen OlverChain Home LowSW 712119 16A Pen Olver
66A Pen y BrnChain Home LowSH 159257 66A Pen y Bryn
95A Point of StoerChain Home LowNC 008329 95A Point of Stoer
65A PrestatynChain Home LowSJ 076818 65A Prestatyn
15A Rame HeadChain Home LowSX 433494 15A Rame Head
93A Rodel ParkChain Home LowNG 052840 93A Rodel Park
47A RoseheartyChain Home LowNJ 933668 47A Rosehearty
St. Anne's HeadChain Home LowSM 809040 St. Anne's Head
87A St. Bee's HeadChain Home LowNX 941143 87A St. Bee's Head
45A St. CyrusChain Home LowNO 746636 45A St. Cyrus
70A St. TwynnellsChain Home LowSR 941974 70A St. Twynnells
57A SangoChain Home LowNC 417675 57A Sango
56A Saxa VordChain Home LowHP 612161 56A Saxa Vord
39A ShottonChain Home Low 39A Shotton
34A SkendlebyChain Home LowTF 439706 34A Skendleby
50B South RonaldsayChain Home Low 50B South Ronaldsay
76A South StackChain Home LowSH 207820 76A South Stack
68A Strumble HeadChain Home LowSM 912396 68A Strumble Head
04A SwingateChain Home LowTR 342428 04A Swingate
49A ThrumsterChain Home LowND 320469 49A Thrumster
18A Trevose HeadChain Home LowSW 853765 18A Trevose Head
07B Truleigh HillChain Home LowTQ 226107 07B Truleigh Hill
49C UlbsterChain Home LowND 332423 49C Ulbster
23A Walton on the NazeChain Home LowTM 254235 23A Walton on the Naze
55A Wats NessChain Home LowHU 175525 55A Wats Ness
32 West BeckhamChain Home LowTG 139391 32 West Beckham
14A West PrawleChain Home LowSX 768373 14A West Prawle
02A WhitstableChain Home LowTR 101648 02A Whitstable
12A Worth MatraversChain Home LowSY 963763 12A Worth Matravers