List of Chain Home Extra Low Radar Stations
Station NameTypeNGRSatellite image link
K5 North ForelandChain Home Extra LowTR 398695 K5 North Foreland
K7 FairlightChain Home Extra LowTQ 859113 K7 Fairlight
K10 Beachy HeadChain Home Extra LowTV 586954 K10 Beachy Head
K15 Highdown HillChain Home Extra LowTQ 093044 K15 Highdown Hill
K16 NeedlesChain Home Extra LowSZ 298848 K16 Needles
K28 CrasterChain Home Extra LowNU 254203 K28 Craster
K39 CleadonChain Home Extra LowNZ 399649 K39 Cleadon
K44 SaltburnChain Home Extra LowNZ 693215 K44 Saltburn
K47 RavenscarChain Home Extra LowNZ 991008 K47 Ravenscar
K51 Flamborough HeadChain Home Extra LowTA 194745 K51 Flamborough Head
K65 TrimminghamChain Home Extra LowTG 284383 K65 Trimmingham
K73 The VerneChain Home Extra LowSY 696734 K73 The Verne
K86 VentnorChain Home Extra LowSZ 571785 K86 Ventnor
K94 The JackaChain Home Extra LowSW 939389 K94 The Jacka
K108 Dunderhole PointChain Home Extra LowSX 047880 K108 Dunderhole Point
K133 Barrow CommonChain Home Extra LowTF 792433 K133 Barrow Common
K135 Blood HillChain Home Extra LowTG 499188 K135 Blood Hill
K138 Orford CastleChain Home Extra LowTM 419499 K138 Orford Castle
K140 DengieChain Home Extra LowTM 000030 K140 Dengie
K147 LeathercoatesChain Home Extra LowTR 359433 K147 Leathercoates
K148 Lydden SpoutChain Home Extra LowTR 285390 K148 Lydden Spout
K149 HoptonChain Home Extra LowTM 537991 K149 Hopton
K157 CrasterChain Home Extra LowNU 173359 K157 Craster
K158 CresswellChain Home Extra Low K158 Cresswell
K159 BemptonChain Home Extra LowTA 192737 K159 Bempton
K160 Dimlington High LandChain Home Extra LowTA 390218 K160 Dimlington High Land
K161 SkendlebyChain Home Extra LowTF 439706 K161 Skendleby
K162 BawdseyChain Home Extra LowTM 337380 K162 Bawdsey
K163 CovehitheChain Home Extra LowTM 528839 K163 Covehithe
K164 ThorpenessChain Home Extra LowTM 474601 K164 Thorpeness
K165 Beer HeadChain Home Extra LowSY 224880 K165 Beer Head
K166 Start PointChain Home Extra LowSX 821369 K166 Start Point
K167 Rame ChapelChain Home Extra Low K167 Rame Chapel
K168 Pen OlverChain Home Extra LowSW 712119 K168 Pen Olver
K169 Carn BraeChain Home Extra LowSW 385279 K169 Carn Brae
K170 Hartland PointChain Home Extra LowSS 231275 K170 Hartland Point
K172 St. David's HeadChain Home Extra Low K172 St David's Head
K181 St. Agnes BeaconChain Home Extra LowSW 708505 K181 St Agnes Beacon