Radar, AA, No3 Mk1

Radar, AA, No3 Mk1


Mobile equipment for providing accurate and continuous measurements of range, bearing and angle for fire control of HAA artillery.




Known as the APF part of the Canadian GLIII(C) System.
Four-wheeled trailer with steel and wooden rotatable cabin. Parabaloids and dipoles mounted on steel frame-work, lowered for travelling.
I.F.F. MkIII (RC-148) for, and Presentation Unit (P.P.I.) of, radar AA No4 Mk1 mounted on and in cabin. The ZPI was the No4 Mk1.

Presentation Unit


Physical data
Length operational25' without IFF antenna
 28' with IFF antenna
Height operational15'6" without IFF antenna
 20'2" with IFF antenna
Height travelling10'7"
Weight10.5tons without IFF
 11tons with IFF
Electrical data
Operational wavelength
I.F. freq
Receiver bandwidth
Tx power output
Tx pulse width
Recurrence freq
Detection accuracy
Detection range
Data Transmission

Antenna system

A pair of 4' parabaloid dishes, one for transmit the other for receive.


RC-148 if fitted


The No3 Mk1 with the AA Command modification was to be known as the No3 Mk1*
The No3 Mk1 has been improved upon and is known as the No3 Mk6 (GLIII*C)
These improvements are ;

This interim equipment is being built by NRO but it is unlikely that there will ever be any production

References and Sources

More No3 Mk1 pictures

Rear view of presentation unit

Rear view of the Presentation Unit

No3 Mk1 radar in operating position.

No3 Mk1 radar in operating position.

No3 Mk1 residing at the Royal canadian Artillery Museum, Shilo, Canada.

No3 Mk1 residing at the Royal canadian Artillery Museum, Shilo, Canada.

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