AEC Matador 0853 M.A.T.

AEC Matador M.A.T.


The concept of the Matador originated from a design by Charles Cleaver and was produced by Hardy Motors and FWD in the early 1930's. AEC (Associated Equipment Company) bought up Hardy in 1932 and the first production of the Matador appeared in 1937.

The Matador was originally designed as a Medium Artillery tractor (M.A.T.) and would be used to tow the 5.5" gun and often 3.7" guns and radar equipment . The first few vehicles were designated the 853 and were petrol fueled, but most had the 7581cc diesel engine and were designated the 0853 where "0" signified "oil engine". The first prototype MAT was delivered in January 1939 and the first full production model 0853 was delivered in November 1939.

The MAT version had a standard design body for carrying ammunition and the crew, which was also fitted to FWD SU COE tractors and a similar design to the Albion CX22S HAT. Other versions were designed with various bodies including generators, communications/radar equipment, a 25pdr portee and a 3/4 tracked version called the Matrac. A 6-wheeled version was also built and designated the 0854, typical body types included fuel tankers and various armoured bodies.

General Data
Overall length20'9"
Overall width7'10"
Overall height10'2"
Weight (unladen)7tons 2cwt
Max speed36 mph
Engine typeAEC A173
Capacity7,581 cc
BHP95 @ 1780 rpm
Fuel typediesel
Fuel tank capacity40 gals
Fuel consumption9 mpg
Range on full tank360 miles
Turning circle60'
Auxiliary gearbox1:1(high) and 2.91:1(low)
WinchTurner 5-ton/7-ton, 250' of 5/8" rope
Footbrake systemair assisted hydraulic both axles
Handbrake systemmechanical on rear axle only
Trailer brake systemtwin air coupling,electric and cable servo (RAF vacuum only)
Electrical system12V/24V hybrid system
Wheel sizes13.50-20" low pressure (later 14.00-20")cross-country
Crew12 (2 in cab, 10 in body)
Total orderednearly 10,000