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Welcome to Anti-Aircraft

This website covers all aspects of British & Commonwealth Anti-Aircraft from World War 2 and the early Cold-War era.
Guns, searchlights, radar, generators, predictors, buildings, equipment, organisations and personnel are all to be featured. If you have any relevant information, especially photos, which you would like to be included on this website, please contact us.

If anyone knows of any surviving HAA sites and Radar stations, please email some photos with their co-ordinates to us.

"We are looking for new team members who can write articles for the website.
If you have an active interest in exploring WW2 HAA gun sites, radar stations and airfields, history and archaeology then we would like to hear from you."


AA Batteries at Boor, Firemore, Inverasdale, Loch Tollaidh and Mellon Charles at Loch Ewe...

Boor LAA Battery Firemore HAA Battery Inverasdale HAA Battery Loch Tollaidh HAA Battery Mellon Charles HAA Battery


No3 Mk2 Radar (GL3) Restoration blog.....

Restoration of Radar No3 Mk2

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